Welcome to Give A Little

We are an independent, grass-roots, nonprofit organization that provides immediate, one-time financial assistance to individuals and families in Yamhill County who are in crisis or experiencing severe adversity.

We strive to provide a safety net for those who may have nowhere else to turn, always with the goal of helping people maintain or achieve self-sufficiency.

We also seek to improve the quality of life of people who, with only a small outlay, can receive relief from daily hardships.

We believe in the following guiding principles:

That small amounts of money or assistance, provided at the right time, can make a critical difference in people’s lives.

That everyone has something to offer, and everyone can give a little.

♥ That if everyone gives a little, amazing things can happen.

♥ That a caring community is possible and worthwhile.

Even the smallest act of caring will, like a drop of water, ripple through the entire pond.

We are:

Growing begun in 2008
Small by design
Local Yamhill County
Streamlined in our approach
Hoping for your help


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