About Us

Send forth a tiny ripple of hope.
– Robert Kennedy

We’d like to redefine “us” in About Us.”

Who makes up the “us” in Give a Little?

Here’s our new definition: We’re more than a foundation, we’re a community.

We’re a community made up of, yes, our Executive Board, Executive Assistant, Leadership Council, and remarkable volunteers.

But at Give a Little we see ourselves as much more, and we want to include all of you who:

  • responded to our first solicitation in 2008 to become Founding Donors
  • welcomed us to the nonprofit world in Yamhill County and supported us through the years with advice and collegiality
  • have sent generous monetary donations (we regard every donation as generous) in the 10 years since our founding
  • are Sustaining Members by means of ongoing, monthly donations
  • sponsored fundraisers for us and/or helped us plan and organize our own fundraisers—and came out to lend your support
  • donated art works, music, jewelry, wine, food, auction items, gift cards, and more
  • became Business/Professional Partners since we began this program in 2014
  • named us as recipients of corporate annual giving campaigns (thank you Freelin-Wade, Cascade Steel, Yamhill County Association of Realtors, and others)
  • helped publicize us through print and social media
  • performed pro bono or reduced rate services for us (such as printing and copying, legal information, and website and graphic design)
  • serve as Referral Partners throughout the county to help us identify and screen applications from clients who qualify for funding

Wow! This is a lot of people. You inspire us and keep us going. You live mostly in Yamhill County, but we also receive wonderful support from people living in other counties in Oregon as well as in other states, including Washington, California, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, Michigan, Maine, Montana, and Iowa.

We cannot thank you enough, and we hope you know how much your contributions matter.

Finally, a part of our community are the hundreds of people each year who receive our assistance with such positive attitudes in the face of difficulties that could easily overwhelm. You have earned our affection and admiration (please see “In Their Own Words” on this website).

If you’re just finding out about “us,” or if you wish to help in some way for the first time, please know that we welcome your participation. See “How to Give” on this website, or contact us, and join our Give a Little community today.

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