What We Do

Our mission

We provide immediate, one-time financial assistance to individuals and families living in Yamhill County who are facing a crisis or emergency. By providing modest funds at critical times, we aim to help prevent at-risk recipients from spiraling downward into poverty.

We also seek to improve the quality of life of people who, with only a small outlay, can receive relief from daily hardships.

The recipients of assistance

Most of our recipients are low-income adults who, because of a crisis or emergency, cannot afford:

a car repair, a heating bill, a medical payment, a monthly bus pass, a deposit on an apartment, a rental payment in the face of eviction, or some other expense of critical importance.

We also make special efforts to assist those seeking employment as well as fixed-income seniors and school children from low-income families.

Working behind the scenes

We work as a second-tier foundation, collaborating with a wide range of 20+ local frontline groups (including social service, religious, and government organizations as well as other nonprofits) that identify for us clients with genuine pressing needs. We can often provide last-resort assistance for those who have nowhere else to turn.

The distribution of funding

To ensure that the money is used for the intended purpose, we always pay the service providers, such as landlords, pharmacies, and car repair shops, rather than the individuals themselves.

Our commitment to one-time assistance 

Can one-time funding really help with serious problems? In many cases, yes. The money buys time for recipients to find new employment, recover from an illness, apply for housing or food vouchers, or find other solutions. People are creative in helping themselves if given the chance. Also, funding from Give a Little lets people know that the community cares.

Our pledge to donors

Because our Board of Directors continues to fully cover the operating costs of the Foundation, contributions from our donors go 100% to the cause.

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